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Meet Your Favorite Lady in Her Adult Costume

Gents and ladies wear adult costumes for an abundance of reasons, whether to add that extra spice to their love life or create new scenarios for their fantasies. The most important part of the costume is what it does to the imagination. Sometimes, gents need a change of pace or sometimes they just want to lay back and let the woman take control.  So to add a little intrigue to the mix, they dress up in ways that will enforce their roles for the evening.  Just like her ability to drive you crazy by donning a barely-there thong and black lace bra, dressing up for each other can turn a session into a wild journey. 

Wearing adult costumes and dressing up is a must when acting out a role play scene also.  You can play out the scenario without feeling awkward, because you are now imagining yourself as a different person …. Here at Cleos on Nile we’ve got a wide variety of ladies willing to cater to your costuming desires. When making an appointment with the lady of your choice, please state what your clothing desires are. Fetish wear and clubwear are available by request but please always ask beforehand so we can prepare.



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