sensual woman wearing a hot and sexy black lace lingerie sitting at the top of a naked man

Magic Fingers / Hands

The use of your finger or fingers is one of the many ways to spice up your time in the bedroom. A female finger with a long nail which is coloured with red nail polish or a finger encased in a silken or scratchy glove can add a different dimension to the magic fingers/hands experience.  Magic fingers and hands can bring a horde of wonderful sensations to the person you have selected to be with. If you wish to master this art of pleasure, remember it differs greatly from other kinds of relaxation and you need to communicate with the lady that you have chosen to see exactly what she likes and to also inform her what you would like to happen to you. So, please call into Cleos on Nile anytime and chat to our beautiful escorts and enjoy some fun-filled relaxation and be pampered to the utmost.



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