beautiful women wearing bandage underwear lingerie holding each other and the other one holding a whip

Master / Mistress and Servant

If Master and servant is what you need to satisfy your inner cravings, the lady that agrees to become your slave or master will play into any scenario that you and she agrees upon. All you have to do is let her know about your desires, and if she agrees to it you can set up some rules and safe words. From there you can let your imagination run wild. Even if you set up the scenario yourself or you leave the creative part up to one of our Cleos beauties, the outcome will be extremely pleasing. The main goal is to satisfy your cravings, and you can be sure the lady you choose is always in the mood for some naughty things. You can choose a set of accessories available at Cleos or you may bring your own equipment if you wish to help you make your time in the room more interesting.  Our ladies know how to play the scene and they won’t come out of character, whether merciless Mistress or Servant, until you wish them to do so. We recommend the Dungeon room to make this experience even better. It is a fully-equipped room that offers accessories for all kinds of creative fantasies. 



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