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Raunchy Chatty Lady

Converse With Cleos Raunchy Ladies

Dialogue and sounds, if used in the right way, invoke a neurochemical reaction that will get a man’s mind running hotter than ever.  This exciting aspect will introduce you to the art of stress relief communication and word imagery that will heighten your experiences with the lady of your choice. It is stimulating to the senses of both parties. Words can communicate encouragement, direction, excitement and ideas. 

Words may also unleash interest in new and different fantasies that might not usually be of interest. Here at Cleos, you can experiment with using phrases, language and descriptions that can express your needs, wants, fantasies and fetishes that you may not be comfortable using at home or with your girlfriend. Enjoy a sense of liberation with our raunchy ladies at Cleos and let your imagination and ideas run wild. 



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