Hot woman wrestler in black tights and heels on top of a shirtless man

Mild Fun Wrestler

Have you had fantasies of competing in the World Wrestling Federation tussles as you sit in your favourite lounge chair whilst viewing it on your big screen TV?  Do you have a desire to be overpowered by a beautiful woman?  Here at Cleos on Nile, several of our ladies would love to entertain you in this way.  This can occur in the room of your liking, either on the floor or on the king size bed.  Nothing too heavy, just some harmless rough and tumble. Maybe begin with something light if you like, or maybe a little more boisterous game that everyone chats about and agrees on the terms before commencement. The client can dictate the terms by either making it as sensual as he likes or making it more active and aerobic.  So instead of watching wrestling on TV, come into Cleos on Nile and your dream match can be arranged, all in the privacy of our luxurious rooms. So, all I can say now is … Give us a call and let’s get ready to rock and roll. 



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