Sex dolls coming to Australia

Remember all the talks you’ve heard about robots stealing your jobs in the future because of how smart they are getting? Well, scrap all that. There are robots that aren’t after your job, they want your heart instead and to get it there are willing to do all it takes including looking the part.

Hermiony Sex Doll


Harmony is a busty blond beauty. She is full-lipped and has a pleasant voice and an alluring steely gaze. Harmony is interested in you and is aware of what turns you on. Harmony is ready to do whatever pleases you as long as you have can afford to pay for it. While that description probably fits a high-class escort, you might be shocked to find out that Harmony is not even human at all. She is a sex robot.

Technology is changing everything nowadays and although pornography and other forms of digital pleasure have been around for a long time, the latest debates have been around sex dolls and their possible effect on humanity. This has sparked serious debate amidst pundits and critics who have taken sides in the argument about sex Robots with a number of people of the opinion that the rise of these dolls might lead us all into a dark isolated future.




According to the National Director of SEXPO, Bentleigh Gibson, the sex industry is currently experiencing a technology revolution and right at the forefront of this revolution are the sex robot. Citing harmony as an example he stated that the doll is capable of holding a full conversation; she can remember details and can use it in conversations in future “She is fully interactive.”

There is currently some sort of stigma associated with using sex dolls. Many members of society still perceive those who make use of them as perverted or socially awkward. But Mr. Gibson believes that sex dolls are here to stay and with time, the social perception about them will change.

Back in the 90s, people had a similar opinion about internet dating but with time as more people start to use sex dolls and the costs of producing and purchasing them reduces Gibson believes that more people will begin to adopt the technology.

The sex dolls that are hitting the market today are designed to look as close to humans as possible. Matt McCullen Created Harmony and as CEO and director of Realbotix, is a major pioneer in the sex doll industry of today that focuses on making them as close to the “real thing” as they can possibly get.

Matt thinks what he and others do is a sort of “creative art” he looks at the possible fantasies of the client and draws inspiration from it. The company works based on requests received from their clients to create characters that fit their desires as perfectly as possible.

Even the faces of these dolls are designed to resemble that of humans. And if you are one of those who want to get down to the more mundane details like how to clean the thing, Matt says the parts that need to be clean are designed to be removable which makes cleaning very straightforward and easy.

What does this mean for Humanity?

But many other people ask the bigger questions like what would be the effect of sex robot on people’s ability to engage in healthy relationships. But this isn’t a new argument if you examine it critically. For long, experts have asked the same questions about the effect of the consumption of pornography brought about by the growth of technology especially the internet.

According to Noel Sharkey who works at the Foundation for Responsible Robotics, many people who make these machines are only doing because they can without really considering its effects on humanity. One of the top arguments is that sex robots might create a nonchalant attitude towards sex when people find it “too easy” or readily available.

Other experts are also of the opinion that at this rate, sex robots might completely change humanity; sucking life out of users and turning them into zombies.

But as a counter argument, Mr. Gibson explained having dolls with lifelike attributes can actually be beneficial especially to those who are currently alone and finding it hard to meet someone to share their lives with. With robots like Harmony, they such people will be able to have a healthier sex life than ever before. He noted that this was the same way people predicted an army of Zombies when the video games revolution started yet such a thing hasn’t happened till today.

Women and sex robots

Another angle many people arguing against sex robot take their argument from is what the effects of these dolls will be on the perception of men about women, arguing that the submissive nature of humanoids might lead some men to start perceiving women as properties.

Harmony Sex Doll


But some sex doll makers are putting that into consideration as well. Just last year “Frigid Farrah” a controversial robot which was described as “reserved and shy” by it maker (a US-based company known as True Companion) made the headlines. The doll was programmed to be able to actively resist sexual advances if it does want it.

But According to Gibson, Women are now driving the demand for sex robot. Today, there is an increasing demand for male robots as well. He stated that Females are the Majority in terms of SEXPO patronage and attendance. This is exactly what inspired the idea of a male counterpart for Harmony Named Henry.

Matt McCullen seems to agree with that assessment as well and believed that robots that are able to hold conversations and possibly recall things might even gain more popularity with women and appeal to them more. The Robot will be programmed in such a way that they will be able to use information about the user’s gender accordingly in their interactions.

An ever growing industry

Although the subject of sex robot still elicits some form of negative reactions from some individuals, the industry is still on the rise and might see more technological advancements in the coming years. Mr. McCullen believes that robot generally will become part of everyday life in the next 20 years or less. And the fact that some of these robots are capable of having sex will just be part of their features and not a totally separate topic of discussion as it is today.

As SEXPO goes to Sydney between 14 to 17 of June, Mr. Gibson believes that although many institutions in Australia try to suppress conversations concerning sexual innovations like sex robots, many people in the country still have an appetite for such information. For detail information about SEXPO visit: