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What is alluring about Asian Escorts?

The exotic beauty of an Asian escort is a new experience for them. This can achieve much sensual excitement especially when they spend private time with a sexy Asian escort. From their exotic sounding names, their dark eyes, raven dark hair and amazingly slim bodies, you will see why these women are popular.

Japanese women are different from Filipina women in terms of facial features and beauty characteristics. This alone is what men might find attractive. The fact that Asian ladies look very different from one another, instead of being blonde lookalikes, is one reason men find them titillating.  Most people assume Asian women are mainly Japanese and Chinese. However, the Asian culture expands to Korean, Filipino, Indian, Saudi Arabian, and Pacific Islander as well.

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The mystery of Asian Escorts

The Asian culture is very vast, and so are its women. Varied skin tones, styles, and backgrounds are all provided with our in-house Asian escorts.

The beauty of Asian escorts is undeniable and very varied. The contrast of the dark hair and pale skin is very appealing to men. Darkness allows mystery, and mystery is the unknown. Men are aroused by the unknown. With an Asian escort, you are putting in a gamble and enjoying what they bring to your table. Unlike European escorts, the shape of the eyes can also be a turn-on and a rarity. This gives off a sexy, yet subtle doe-eyed look. This look can also be added into the innocent, naïve fantasy that many men have. At the same time, it can look like she might be being coy, but knows her way around a bedroom much more than it initially would appear.

Another aspect of the Asian culture when it comes to escorts is the natural beauty they present. Asian women take great pride in their appearance. They generally have clean, younger-looking skin. If they should use makeup, they apply it very meticulously, without overdoing it. That, in itself, can be quite a feature, in this day and age.

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Characteristics of the Asian Ladies

Another characteristic of Asian beauty is that most of them are naturally petite. A petite Asian woman will look younger and more innocent. Of course, they might not be, especially when they are scantily clad in erotic lingerie. But the contradiction between a young and seemingly innocent face with a sexy outfit is very visually appealing to men.

While skin may not seem as important in looking for someone to spend time with, it is much more enticing than one would think. Asian women hold the trophy when it comes to skin clarity. Not often you will find one with many blemishes. In fact, many of them do not even have tattoos. While tattoos are a turn-on for many men, the lack thereof alludes to the more innocent nature. Naturally, their skin is pale, smooth, and ultimately younger looking. Asian women hold their age and generally look younger than other ethnicities their age.

Our Inhouse Asian Escorts

Some Asian escorts are petite, some slim, some are a little curvier, some are tall; others are not so tall … and so forth. Some days, you could spend time with a petite Chinese and the next day you could be fooling around with an exotic beauty from Malaysia. However, their common denominator is that they are all sexy especially our Asian escorts in Brisbane.

Coming from a mainly male-dominated society, Asian escorts are among the top in respecting. She will understand that your time is valuable and will not waste, just as she is expecting to be treated. She will uncover your needs and wants from the relationship, and make sure you feel completely secure. An Asian escort will definitely keep your confidence and understand the privacy you require.

However, do not assume that all Asian escorts will be submissive. Personalities have a very big impact on how an Asian woman carries herself, with poise, nonetheless. While there are common aspects, life does like to throw curveballs and you may end up with a spicier personality than you would have thought.

For a long time, Asian women have been stereotyped as being submissive. Any man who has spent a night with an Asian escort will tell you otherwise. While they might accommodate your needs, they also like to take the steering wheel. If you have always been fascinated by the Orient, spend time in our Asian Suite where you can sample these delights.