Do Prostitutes Enjoy Sex?

When it comes to all human interactions, it’s important to think about how the other person feels. That’s how we connect with our communities – not by being selfish, but by respecting how others react to our actions.

This can be a little thing like saying “thank you” when a clerk rings up your order. Or, it can relate to how you treat your dates to make sure they are as comfortable as possible.

These are the issues that people think about if they are decent at heart. Which begs the question, do prostitutes enjoy sex?

After all, if they don’t like it – or, worse, are repulsed by it – then you wouldn’t want to be with them, would you?

So, let’s talk a little bit about whether or not escorts like sex.

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Sex Of All Types Is What You Make It

Sex is complex. It’s different every time and with every two people. A woman can be wildly in love with her husband, but sometimes just won’t click with him during a sexual encounter. So, we can’t say that either women or men will be super into sex every time they do it.

Sex can feel good, or even great, without the necessity of achieving orgasm. And it can be enjoyed on many levels. But they don’t need to be repulsed, either.

What this means is that if you show up freshly washed and sober, a prostitute is going to be much more likely to enjoy the encounter than if you show up an unshowered, drunken mess.

Beyond making yourself look nice, there is also what you do with the prostitute that will affect her or his appreciation of the act.

If you just want to unzip and bang them, then they are going to get a lot less pleasure out of sex. If on the other hand you treat them nicely, engage in foreplay, take it slowly and only enter them when they are really ready, they will be much more likely to enjoy sex with you.

Try and think of it as making love when you do it instead of just banging.

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Yes, She Or He Will Enjoy It – If You Put In The Effort

Prostitutes are simply human beings. And like anyone human, yes, they enjoy sex. For some of them, it’s a perk of the job that they get laid and paid at the same time.

Prostitutes like meeting new men. They enjoy not having the pressure of a relationship in order to have sex. They like exploring new things and love discovering new ways their bodies can behave.

If you listen to what the escort tells you and pay attention to their body language, they can end up loving sex with you. They may have huge orgasms that they really enjoy.

All you have to do is simply be a nice, decent guy. Pay attention to their clitoris or penis. See what they like. Find ways to make what both of you like to do blend together for an overall positive experience.

Do that, and you’ll feel no guilt about being with a prostitute because she or he will love spending time with you. And at the end of the day, that’s the basis of our social contract with the world.

Of course, we are not advocating that anyone go to prostitutes. We are simply answering the questions people send us.