Do Escorts Have To Have Sex With Their Clients?

When it comes to escorts, people generally understand that they have sex with their clients. Otherwise, why would you pay hundreds of dollars an hour to spend time with a man or woman? Obviously, sex must be involved – or else why bother?

But if you think a bit further, that seems off somehow. Do escorts really have to have sex with a client if they don’t want to? Do they give up their choices about their body when they start their job? We’ll tell you the truth about whether or not escorts have to sleep with their clients.

Escort and man in restaurant

The Short Answer Is “No.”

Escorts have an absolute right to say “no” to a client who wants sex if they are not into it. There can be many reasons why they might decline. The client may not have bathed in the past day or two, and may smell. Or he or she may be drunk, and they are worried about their safety. Or the client may just come off as creepy, and they are concerned that they might try something weird or dangerous in bed.

All of these are valid reasons for an escort to refuse sex with a paying client. Escorts are men and women first – and sex workers second. They don’t even have to have a valid reason to say “no”. They just simply may not feel like having sex.

When you hire an escort, you are paying for his or her time. Nothing else. They do have to spend that time with you; that’s the agreement. In most cases, they will be willing to have sex. But if they so “no,” then you have to honor their request – and you still must pay them.

If you do have an escort decline to have sex with you, maybe look at how you present yourself and figure out what went wrong. Then you can change your behavior the next time you see an escort.

For the most part, taking a shower and not drinking will get you sex with an escort.

Seductive woman's leg

Sometimes The Client Doesn’t Want To Have Sex With An Escort

Sex isn’t the only reason people hire escorts. Some men and women are lonely and simply want company. Other may be in the closet and want to go to a family function with a man or woman to keep their sexuality a secret.

Still others may need a date to an event and want to have fun without sex. This is why asexual people often hire escorts, and yet do not plan on having sex with them.

There are as many reasons to hire an escort as you can imagine. Some of those reasons involve sex. Some do not. There may even be cases where the escort would like to have sex with the client, but he or she may refuse and just want to keep things platonic.

At the end of the day, escorts are simply people. So are their clients. And people have the right to say no to sex for any reason they want – no matter what their job is.

Of course, we are not encouraging you to hire an escort. We are simply responding to the questions we get from people.