How Is The Life Of A Sex Worker?

Many people enjoy sex workers as a part of their lives. It may be a simple as buying a porn movie, or they may go to a strip club. Some people see dominatrices. Others use escorts or go to brothels.

But you may wonder what life is like for the men and women who work in sex. Are they ok? Are they abused? These issues can factor into your decision whether or not to visit a sex worker or watch porn. Let’s talk about what life is really like for a sex worker.

It Can Be A Great Job!

Not everyone was meant to be a doctor or a lawyer, or even management at an office. Some people like to have more control of their time, and may possess other skills. Many sex workers like the interaction with other people that their job offers. They can also really like the money.

High-end sex workers can make a fortune. And even medium-level sex workers, such as part-time escorts or professional doms/dommes, can make more money in two or three days of work than many people make in a month.

The time they are not working is theirs. And they’ll have plenty of money from their sex work to spend while they have time off. Some porn stars actually make millions of dollars a year.

But even for lower-end workers, making $100,000 or $200,000 a year is not unreasonable. That’s a good deal of money for someone who likes sex, enjoys interacting with other people, and loves their job.

Sex work can lead to a better life for many people – they should not be looked down upon for their choices in what they do for a living. And if you have extra money and want to help support them, you should be proud and not feel ashamed about what you are doing.

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But It’s Not That Great For Everyone

Of course, there are some sex workers for whom the job is not ideal. Some women and men – even boys and girls – are trafficked. This means they don’t get to keep the money they make, and they may even be forced into sex work.

Others are trying to pay for addictions that they would otherwise not be able to afford. There are unsavory people who look to take advantage of young men and women, and do not hesitate to put them out on the street and force them into sex in order to make money.

That’s why, if you choose to go to a sex worker, you should be careful that the person isn’t trafficked. A good ensure this is the case is to go to a brothel, or online, and hire a high-end escort. The odds of them being trafficked are low. If you pick up a girl on the street for $50, the odds of her being trafficked are high.

So please understand – sex work is great for the vast majority of people who participate in it. But for a small majority, it is hell on earth. The bottom line – make sure the man or woman you have chosen to spend time with is doing it voluntarily. That way, you’ll know you are helping and not hurting someone.

Or course, we are not advocating sex work. We are simply responding to questions we have been asked.