Is It Possible To Have Sex With A Prostitute Without Wearing A Condom?

Prostitution has been around since the dawn of man. And for most of that time, condoms did not exist. So early prostitutes learned to use their mouths to get a man off, or else insist that he pull out before he ejaculated. As you can imagine, this method was not great at preventing pregnancy, and more than a few babies were fathered by prostitutes’ clients.

Then condoms were invented. They were great for the prostitutes as it kept them from getting pregnant. And from a health standpoint, it was great for the customer because he would not have to worry about contracting a sexually transmitted disease.

With that, condoms became standard use on brothels.

But of course, guys are guys, and some will always try to find out if they can have sex with a man or woman. The question is – can you actually have sex with a prostitute without using a condom?

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Consider Your Options

The short answer is “yes.” If you search long and hard enough, you can find a prostitute who will have unprotected sex with you, of course not at Cleo’s On Nile. But think about that for a moment. If he or she is having unprotected sex with you, who else are they doing without protection?

Prostitutes are with a lot of men. And it’s not like they can do a health screening of each and every one of their clients. Therefore, the risk of unprotected sex with a prostitute is much higher than with a non-prostitute.

For the most part, the prostitutes who allow you to go bare are going to be on the low end of the scale. They know they can ask for more money for unprotected sex, and they need the money. That means they will do sketchier clients to get it.

This increases your risk of infection if you have unprotected sex with them.

Think about your life. How would it affect you if you came down with the clap? Or, even worse, HIV? Wouldn’t that be terrifying? Why would you want to risk that for about half an hour’s worth of extra pleasure? What if you transmitted your disease to others before you found out you had it? How awful would that be?

This is why we ask you to seriously consider your options when it comes to condom use with a prostitute. It may be fine with her – but are you really going to be fine with it?

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You Are Much Better Off Wearing A Condom With A Prostitute

We know about prostitution and brothels. No brothel that we know of would let their workers have sex without a condom. It’s just not worth the risk.

And that’s not just a risk for the men and women who work as prostitutes. It’s a risk for their customers. Too many bad things can go wrong when you go bare. From STDs to pregnancies, the risks far outweigh the rewards.

Therefore, it is our advice that you wear a condom when you are with a prostitute. Your doctor will thank you.

Not that we are encouraging prostitution! We are simply responding to the questions we get.