Will Sex Dolls Or Robots Eventually Replace Sex Workers?

Technology has reached into every aspect of our lives – even our most intimate moments. One common news item we see is about sex dolls and sex robots. They are becoming more advanced and a part of the public discourse. Some men – and women – really enjoy them.

In fact, one brothel in Brussels has been open for over a year and presumably has a ton of satisfied customers.

That leads to the question – as sex dolls and sex robots get more and more lifelike, will they eventually replace male, female and transgendered sex workers?

Sex robot lying in bed

The Advantages Of A Sex Robot

Obviously, there are benefits to using a sex robot at a brothel. For the owners, they are a one-time expense that can be used over and over. Many modern sex robots are self-cleaning, so after just a few minutes can be made available for another customer. They also don’t eat, don’t need to take breaks, and don’t require a salary.

For the customer, they know exactly what they’re getting. A sex robot won’t have a bad day. It won’t want to talk to the customer. You can’t accidentally hurt a sex robot. You just use it, wash up, and then go about your day.

This is probably why sex robots and sex doll brothels exist. You get all the physical pleasure of sex without the messy side effects of being with a real man or woman.

And for people who are worried about human trafficking, there is no risk your robot sex worker is being forced to work against its will.

Sex robot

The Benefits Of A Human Sex Worker

The truth is, despite all the benefits of a sex doll or sex robot, they can’t really replace a human sex worker. The act of sex is only a part of what the job requires.

Many men and women go to sex workers when they are lonely, and often, an hour spent with a sex worker may only include five or ten minutes of actual sex. The rest of the time they are looking for a friendly face to talk to. They want to vent their frustrations to a neutral party. They want to be understood.

There is something so incredibly human about the interaction between a sex worker and a client that it can’t really be replaced by a sex robot.

You can’t share a drink with a robot. They can’t understand what you are saying. They can’t give you a really satisfying hug.

Most of all, human touch is a real need for most people. No matter how realistic the sex robot, it will never be the same as actual human companionship. Non-sexual touch is just as much a part of seeing a sex worker as the actual sex is.

And that matters.

Human Sex Workers Are Here To Stay

Sex dolls and sex robots can never replace an actual escort or sex worker. The human companionship factor is simply too important. We want to feel understood and loved – if only for an hour.

For that reason alone, there will always be human sex workers. People are people – and while a robot can help you burn off some steam, that human connection will always be the most important part of the experience.

Of course, we are not advocating going to sex workers or escorts. Our blog is purely for informing people about what goes on in the world.