Can I Be A Sex Worker And Also A Feminist?

Working a boring office job can be a real drag. Working in retail is even worse. And if you get a job as a bartender or waitress, you can have great nights – but also awful ones.

These are the thoughts that go through every young woman’s head when she starts to think about becoming a sex worker. The money is great. You get to choose your own hours. And every so often, you get to have sex with a super cute guy. What could be better?

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An Escort Plus A Feminist? At The Same Time?

Well, that’s where feminism comes in. Many women like the concept of being an escort or sex worker but worry that it will go against their feminist ideals.

After all, the main tenant of feminism is that women don’t depend on men to live full, enriching lives – and depending on a man, particularly in a sexual way, is a bad idea. Feminism is all about being a fun, fearless female who needs men as much as a fish needs a bicycle.

Can It Really Work Out?

So, this begs the question – can a woman be an escort and still be a feminist?

The answer is yes, you can.

In fact, becoming a sex worker can be one of the most empowering feminist things to do. Of course, you don’t want to be in a situation where you’re giving most of your money to a pimp. But that’s not how it is for truly feminist women who have control over their bodies and take charge of the situation.

Modern escorts and sex workers work for themselves. Sure, they might work in a brothel, but they are setting rules for what they will and won’t do. They keep the majority of their money, can pick the clients they want to see, and set their own limits.

Your Body – Your Choice

One of the pillars of feminism is taking ownership of your own body. Deciding for yourself what is right and what is wrong. Choosing whom you sleep with. And, of course, deciding how you will make your living in the world.

This is all what being a professional escort is all about. No, you don’t have to sleep with every guy who wants to pay you. You make the rules and enforce your decisions. You yourself can decide just how far to go with every client – and even to reject some potential clients if they don’t interest you.

Beyond that, sex is not inherently an anti-feminist act. It can be empowering for a woman. As an escort, you are in control. You decide what you want to do. You’ll see men at their weakest and give them the pleasure that only you can provide.

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Take Charge Of Your Politics!

Having sex is a political statement. And saying that you are worth money for sex is an empowering statement. You aren’t sticking on dating sites waiting for guys to “choose” you.

Instead, you are putting yourself out there and then selecting the men you want to share your body with – and getting very fairly compensated for your efforts.

So, if you are thinking about becoming a sex worker or escort but worried it will compromise your feminist value – stop it! You can be a full-fledged feminist and a sex worker.

That doesn’t mean that sex work is the right choice for every woman. We would never encourage a woman to become an escort the same way we would never encourage her to work retail.

We are just discussing the options out there and giving you a clear vision of where your choices lie so you can decide for yourself what’s right for you and your own personal situation.