What Are Male Escorts?

When people talk about escorts, most people think about sexy women hired by men. But that’s only half the story. There are not a few male escorts out there, too. Heck, you can even find websites where people talk about their experiences with male escorts.

This may lead you to wonder what male escorts are, why people want them and what exactly they do. They are a very important part of the escort community, so we want to give you the lowdown on who male escorts are and why they matter.

Male escort

Male Escorts Are Not Just For Gay Or Bisexual Men

You might think that male escorts simply exist to satisfy the sexual urges of bisexual or gay men. But you’d be wrong. Male escorts can be for anyone!

Many women simply want an orgasm with a hot guy without any strings attached. Or they may have fantasies of seeing their boyfriend or husband with a man – sexually. Or they may want a hot straight threesome.

Also, there are some men who want to see their wives or girlfriends have sex with another man – but don’t want to let jealousy into the picture. These are all valid reasons for hiring a male escort.

Of course, just like with women, it’s not all about sex. Often, male escorts don’t have sex with the men and women they are being paid to be with. They can be a great date for dinner or an event. There are many women, particularly as they get older, who want to be seen out and about in the company of a hot guy.

So, no – male escorts are not just for bisexual or homosexual dudes. They are used by a wide variety of people for any reason you can possibly imagine.

Gay escorts

Bi And Gay Men Do Use Them, Too!

That said, of course, male escorts are used by bisexual and gay men. Being gay or bi doesn’t mean having tons of sex every night. For one thing, if you just had sex with every random man you met, you’d be putting yourself at risk for STDs. Male escorts understand STDs and do everything in their power to make sure you avoid them.

Plus, not every gay man is some fabulous twink or chiseled Adonis who can seduce any man he wants. Just like straight men and women, gay and bisexual dudes come in all shapes and sizes. While they might not be able to score with whom they like at their local gay bar, they can find exactly what they are looking for in a male escort.

And like straight men and women, they can use them simply to have someone to have dinner with or be seen with. Gay and bisexual men and women really aren’t any different from their heterosexual counterparts. Sometimes they want an escort for sex. Sometimes they want them for other reasons. And that’s all fine.

So that’s what a male escort is – and it’s not that different from a female escort. People are people, and some of us need escorts.

Of course, we aren’t suggesting that you try a male escort. We are just responding to the questions we get.