Why Doesn’t America Legalize Brothels?

Here in Australia, brothels have been legal for a long time. And they have had nearly no negative impact on the community. If anything, they’ve helped us by bringing down trafficking, enforcing health code standards, making sure the women and men are over 18, and bringing in lots of tax revenue.

In fact, they’ve been great and provide a much-needed service.

All of this brings up the question, “Why doesn’t America legalize brothels?” After all, they would be likely to find the same types of benefits – and it is the world’s oldest profession.

Let’s take a look at the question.

Brothel in Las Vegas

First Off Brothels Are Not Illegal In All Of America

While brothels are illegal in 99% of America, there are a few counties in Nevada where brothels are legal.

And like in Australia, there have not been any problems with them. Which you would think would make the rest of America take notice and legalize them. Yet they don’t.

But why?

America Is An Extremely Puritanical Country

To put it as simply as possible, America was founded by Puritans and never got over it. If someone is having fun, in general, Americans are against it. Until recently, even interracial marriage was against the law. So was oral sex and anal sex in many states.

Many places have stores that are not allowed to open up on Sundays. And there are entire cities and counties where the consumption of alcohol is illegal.

So it makes sense that prostitution would be one thing that was made illegal years ago and stays illegal until today.

No matter how much evidence there is that prostitution goes on, people want to believe they can stop it. Some claim the “Will of God” will put an end to it. Others say the police will do so.

Against all evidence to the contrary, they really believe it’s a sin and can be wiped out.

Prostitute talking to driver

Nobody Wants To Be The One To Start The Legalization Process

For a law to change, someone has to be the first legislator to put up that change. It would be much the same process as legalizing marijuana, state by state.

While that may have been fairly easy with weed, prostitution is another whole story. Can you imagine all of the old people when they hear someone is trying to make brothels legal? They’d be calling him or her a sex pervert. And they’d be looking to see if they ever went to a prostitute.

In addition, you then have to get backing for it from other members of the legislature. Many of those people are going to be Christians who are flat-out against prostitution. Many on the left are going to be second-wave feminists who are against prostitution.

Finding a way to legalize prostitution is a loser move for anyone. It would probably cost them their elected seat. Nobody wants that.

So the bottom line is that there is no political will in America to end prostitution. Even though it would bring in more tax revenue and reduce trafficking, the government simply is not going to make it legal.

And that’s a shame.

Of course, we aren’t saying anyone should go to a brothel. We are simply responding to your questions.