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The desire for the Blonde Escorts

If history has taught us anything, blonde hair has always been a staple desire. 90s teen movies with all of their blonde cheerleaders, to the Playboy Mansion, and then to Marilyn Monroe, Hollywood has definitely brought us the blondes. And it’s no wonder why.

We’ve always heard that “blondes have more fun”. While any other hair colour can still have fun, blondes have a certain aura around them. Many blondes are very bubbly, light-hearted, and happy. This is the kind of presence they put into it. However, due to some negative stereotyping, blondes are also thought to be more naïve, and innocent. While this may not be true, this is something that men desire from blonde women. Rest assured, while many of our escorts can be sweet and innocent, they are anything but unintelligent.