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Each month Cleos on Nile gives away complimentary room hire to one lucky person! You need to be in it to win it, as the saying goes, so just submit your email address here and each month our computer system randomly draws a winner. The winner will be notified by email and the prize can be redeemed at any time within 3 months from notification. Good luck! Oh, and feel free to re-enter every month.

Win free room hire

07 3393 1678 12 Nile St, Woolloongabba Open 24/7

Sex Swings, Dungeons and other Themed Suites to satisfy your fantasies

African Suite with Outdoor Round Spa

Indulge your animal impulses or let Tarzan loose in Cleos on Nile’s African Suite. This exotic suite features a luxury timber canopy bed with a mirrored ceiling; a pleasure pole and, out on an open deck, a fresh water jet spa. We have lots of gorgeous Janes ready to swing through the jungle with Tarzan tonight!

Swingers Suite

The Swingers Suite at Cleos is a sumptuous boudoir. It's a room full of fun, including a pleasure pole and a swing, and should be enjoyed to the max.

Asian Suite with Round Spa

The exotic Asian Suite is perfect for some mysterious Eastern yoga positions...or whatever else might take your fancy. A massive seductive red bed and a fresh water jet spa provide plenty of opportunity for fun, and a massage table provides the perfect setting for.....well, whatever you so desire really.

Dungeon Suite

The fully-equipped Dungeon Suite at Cleos on Nile has room for all sorts of imaginative play! If you’re after the master/slave dynamic, this is the room to fulfil your fantasies.

Cleopatra Suite with Jacuzzi

You’ll feel like an Egyptian King in Cleos on Nile’s luxurious Cleopatra Suite. There’s a mirrored ceiling above the large silken canopy bed; a giant Jacuzzi style heated spa; and a 10 channel remote TV.

Whether you just want to be indulged and pampered, or whether you want to catch the Rugby grand final on the big screen, from the Jacuzzi, with a gorgeous woman by your side, the Cleopatra Suite will provide you with the indulgence you deserve. There is a dedicated team at Cleos on Nile and we ensure the suites are cleaned and replenished with crisp linen & fluffy towels after every client.

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