Yes. According to the Prostitution Act 1999 of Queensland, licensed prostitution is legal in Brisbane for brothels. Registered and legally accredited brothels are absolutely legal and there is no harm in enjoying your time with legal sex workers in a brothel. However, street prostitution is against the law. You can only indulge in fun with sex workers at a legal brothel in Brisbane.

While there are several brothels to enjoy yourself at in Brisbane, the most famous brothel in Brisbane is Cleos On Nile. This is because our rates very reasonable and there are numerous stunning ladies to choose from.

You can pick a lady based on:
Size / Type

You can also check our roster to see which lady is available on the day you’d like to visit.

As per the Queensland Prostitution Act 1999, it is illegal to conduct any kind of sex work without prophylactics. Hence, it is imperative that you wear a condom while performing sexual activities with a sex worker. Negligence of this is a legal offence.

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