Crossdresser ExperienceCrossdresser ExperienceCrossdresser Experience
A man can be in touch with his more feminine side and the sensuality of being a female with this experience.  It can be very erotic for the female also to spend time with a male desiring this fantasy.   You may get relief from the everyday life by wearing women’s lingerie (silk, satin and lace) under your exterior male clothing or you may be the more fuller transvestite who wishes to appear as female as possible in their outer clothing and wishes to wear elegant make up, fingernail polish and perfumes. You may be fulfilled by this fantasy by spending time with our call girls at Cleos on Nile if in your private sexual life your girlfriend wouldn’t quite understand it if you mentioned this fantasy with her.  For the wardrobe attire to wear with the lady of your choice, many cross dressers choose to bring bags filled with their choice of attire, including shoes, to Cleos on Nile. The lady of your choice, if needed, can assist you with your makeup preparation and how to professionally apply your make-up and if required, assist you with dressing. When dressing up and choosing to act in a more feminine role for the lady of your choice, you may experience more freedom to be totally the person envisaged by your fantasies. So don’t be shy, you may be surprised at your inner self and enjoy the moment for a once only lifetime venture or you may be enrolled for further naughty moments in the future.

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