Flirty Foxy Boxer

Flirty Foxy Boxer ExperienceFlirty Foxy Boxer ExperienceFlirty Foxy Boxer Experience
If you want to make a connection with a lovely lady in the form of her boxing glove encapsulating a beautiful female hand, come in and see our ladies at Cleos on Nile to live out your 10 rounds of fantasy.  Flirty foxy boxing is a form of sports entertainment which involves you and others.  Dressed in revealing clothing or lingerie, our beautiful prostitutes can participate in this experience.  You can also either be a spectator or participant.  There will be moments when you see the light hit a lady’s high energy body that certain special way. It might be on her bicep or it might be her well defined stomach, but you will certainly remember these moments for months to follow. Whether you would like to watch or be fully involved in the Flirty Foxy Boxer experience, come in and see our beautiful prostitutes at Cleos on Nile for this active leisure.

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