Mild Discipline

Mild Discipline ExperienceMild Discipline ExperienceMild Discipline Experience
It is an introduction for first-timers into the mistress and slave experience.  If in a career, or you have a life where you have to be in control most of the time, this experience may form a release and take your well-earned leisure time to another dimension.  A little love tap and/or correct formal communication that exists between you and the lady of your choice as to what the limits are for this experience is required. The real reason behind the mild disciplinary game – aside from it feeling good — differs as to what appeals and pleasures.  A fine line exists between pain and pleasure sensations in your body. This is because the same chemical that makes us feel happy, dopamine, is also active in the body’s chemical reactions that make us feel pain, which is why erotic mild disciplinary games – a perfect combination of the two – is such a different addition to the time spent in the bedroom. Cleos suggests using the dungeon suite to enhance your mild disciplinary experience, with all kinds of accessories to make your experience even more fulfilling.

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