Multiple Partners

Multiple Partners ExperienceMultiple Partners ExperienceMultiple Partners Experience
Unlike anything you have tried before, this experience is not for the shy or light hearted.  At Cleos on Nile, we have a varied selection of ladies of different nationalities, ages and appearances for your unbridled indulgence.  If your appetite desires “more the merrier” and you wish to engage in this activity, this is the location to make it all happen so you can finally say that you have been there and done that. Nearly every man envisages this as the ultimate male experience, thus making it a very popular and a common fantasy.  If you are looking to spoil yourself, or for a daring couple who would like to treat each other to a night out they will never forget, this is living the dream.  It is also a great choice for a buck’s party or to finish a night out on the town with some good mates!

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