Smoker ExperienceSmoker ExperienceSmoker Experience
Play out your smoking fetish on our outdoor deck and spa located in the African Suite for the serious smokers or otherwise bring an imitation cigar for your indoor sport. Imagine a lady with class who is very well dressed and who is elegant and ultra-sexy, draping herself on the African Suite king size bed.  View the image of her where she is lazily teasing you with her cigar in the mirror on the ceiling.

Maybe your fantasies are heightened by watching a sweet, innocent lady behaving in ways that are considered taboo. Or by watching her smoking, you may be attracted to the image of a worldly lady whose smoking epitomizes her strength and self-confidence. It maybe that later you may be governed by her words and actions where she inhales and exhales a soft plume of smoke which envelops you and transports you into a long lost era where adults were free to do as they please wherever and whenever they wanted. Cleos on Nile is here to provide that environment where you can indulge your adult pleasures.

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