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Submissive Lover

Meeting a woman who will follow your lead and also take care of you is the dream for most men. Desire a woman who will go out of her way for you?  This is very satisfying to most men to have this kind of woman.  Many women are naturally submissive by nature, but in saying that, there is a wide range of submissiveness for different women, and even in the same woman, depending on the lover she is with. Whilst being with a woman who is more on the submissive side, the male lover will need to be more on the dominant side.  He will feel absolutely loved when he shows his dominance!  A more alpha woman who becomes a submissive lady allows for the male partner to feel more like a man and thus enters that extra zing of passion in their time together.  Being submissive can also be about trusting your lover to allow him to show you the way or by asking him for his opinions, ideas and solutions. The male who is in touch with his masculinity will enjoy the chance to assist the female as it makes him feel needed, useful and manly. 



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