Eating your way to a healthy sex life
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Eating your way to a healthy sex life

Discover The Food for Healthy Sex Life

The experts say certain foods can help to keep your blood pumping and boost hormone levels. Here are some foods recommended to increase libido and improve circulation. Uninterrupted blood flow is crucial to sexual response in both men and women.

Sexy ladies with strawberries


Now we have all heard that oysters are an aphrodisiac, well this may be true as not only oysters but clams and scallops contain compounds that raise testosterone and estrogen levels. A boost in hormones means a boost in sex drive.

Oysters are also an excellent source of zinc, which aids blood flow to sexual organs in both genders. Not too keen on oysters? You can find zinc in crabs and prawns, as well as sesame seeds, cashews and almonds, for the vegetarians amongst us. Zinc deficiency can lead to impotence and low hormone levels in men.

Fish are important additions to maintaining a healthy nerve response. Nerves are protected by myelin sheaths, which contain very high levels of fatty acid. So, people who are deficient in fatty acids may suffer from damage to the nerves. Fish has omega 3 fatty acid and thus helps in the healing of the nerves and nervous system.



Well, this is what we want to hear. Chocolate is full of libido-boosting methylxanthines, especially dark chocolate. A good percentage of the chocolate on the market is processed with the nutrients removed so skip milk and white chocolates and go for a minimally processed dark chocolate with at least 70 percent of cocoa.

Dark chocolate is packed with flavanols, which have anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. These properties help to lower the blood pressure and improve the blood flow, to both brain, heart and other vital organs. Any excuse to eat chocolate is a good one.



Everyone’s favourite phallic food is great to snack on before you get down to it as they are full of simple carbs to provide you with energy and potassium to help you keep going. This muscle-relaxing mineral prevents cramps and muscle spasms that may impede your sexy time.

Bananas contain the bromelain enzyme, which is believed to increase libido and reverse impotence in men. Additionally, they are good sources of potassium and B vitamins like riboflavin, which increase the body's overall energy levels.

Green leafy vegetables

Green leafy vegetables are rich in Vitamin B complex, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Magnesium all of which are important for the proper functioning of our nervous system.

Vitamin B is essential in the process of synthesizing and circulating neurotransmitters, which are brain chemicals that regulate heartbeat, respiration, digestion and sexual function. Magnesium helps in calming the nerves. Vitamin E and C act as anti-ageing for the nervous system.


Rich in both Vitamin K and folate, avocados help prevent blood clots and increase blood flow. They are packed with energy increasing protein and low in sugar.


There are several nutrients in nuts, such as healthy fats, antioxidants, and vitamin E, all of which are good for brain health.

Vitamin E shields cell membranes from free radical damage thus helping to slow mental decline. Some of the best nuts to pop in your mouth are raw almonds.

Just like fish, almonds have high levels of brain-healthy omega-3 fatty acids and lots of vitamin E.

Apples and Berries

We’ve all heard an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but apples are packed with quercetin which is said to be a “mood booster” for women.

Berries, cherries, and dark-coloured grapes are also rich in quercetin are included in the food for healthy sex life. This antioxidant, a type of flavonoid, may offer many health benefits. As far as sex goes, quercetin plays a role in controlling symptoms of prostatitis and interstitial cystitis (IC), and it promotes circulation.

Prostatitis is the inflammation of the prostate gland. It sometimes causes testicular discomfort and pain with ejaculation. IC, or painful bladder syndrome, may also make sex uncomfortable for men and women.

Sexual-related symptoms of IC include genital pain, erectile dysfunction, painful intercourse, and low desire. So, chomp on berries every day to keep IC at bay.


Whoever said you should never eat garlic before a date may be wrong. Garlic is a natural blood thinner, that promotes blood flow to the genitals and increases arousal. So, eat that garlic, we can all benefit from it.


Balanced food for healthy sex life includes both red and white types of meat for good blood circulation. Carnitine and L-arginine are amino acids found in meats that improve blood flow. Uninterrupted blood flow is crucial to sexual response in both men and women.

Just like oysters, red meat, especially grass-fed beef, is high in zinc which increases your testosterone and curbs the production of prolactin, a hormone that can impair sexual function.


Eggs are high in vitamins B5 and B6 which help to balance hormone levels and fight stress. Both are important to a healthy libido. The protein in eggs can boost energy and focus both of which are helpful for increasing your sex drive.

A balanced diet will help to give you increased energy, promote blood flow, heart health and give you a boost in your libido.

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