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Each month Cleos on Nile gives away complimentary room hire to one lucky person! You need to be in it to win it, as the saying goes, so just submit your email address here and each month our computer system randomly draws a winner. The winner will be notified by email and the prize can be redeemed at any time within 3 months from notification. Good luck! Oh, and feel free to re-enter every month.

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International Escorts

The intrigue of international escorts from the African regions, the exotic escorts with Egyptian origins, the southern most parts of Europe or the mysterious escorts from the Arabian countries of Western Asia are just as desirable as any other nationality of the world to men of Australia. These alluring women are the ultimate forbidden fruit that men have secretly lusted after for years. The escorts from these locations use the taboos of their culture to their advantage by offering a naughty insight into their mystifying realm. The women of Egypt are some of the most attractive you could possibly see. Our exciting brothel, Cleos on Nile, is named after one of the most alluring and astounding women in history. Egyptian women are known for bringing joy and happiness to the male in their life. They are creative, intelligent and friendly. 

International Escorts

The beautiful ladies from the Arabian locations have looks that are admired and sought after. They have dark long beautiful silky hair and very big eyes that bewitch you by their look. Arabian females are very womanly, graceful, and have rounded sensual shapes. Many women attract men’s attention by the beautiful shape of their bust and hips and their feminine charms. The youthful Eastern princesses are slender and graceful. Africa is a very diverse continent and the characteristics of African women living there are also quite various. Black or ebony women are regarded to be very beautiful and their beauty is unique. African women have black or dark skin which has been influenced by thousands of years of climatic conditions and the hot bright sun. African escorts have big brown eyes set wide apart and full lips with a beautiful smile displaying white sparkling teeth. Their exotic hair may be curly but is normally black. These ebony princesses are loyal and helpful and make you feel special and cared for. Here at Cleos On Nile, we are proud to offer you a diverse group of escorts from all around the world to provide you with adult services in Brisbane. Each encounter you have will be different, whilst also catering to your desires, and you will be able to indulge in all of your fantasies in an uninhibited way.

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