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What Makes Japanese Escorts so attractive?

All women are uniquely attractive and fascinating in their own way. One type of woman widely heralded as particularly attractive is an elite babe from Japan, and there are many things that make this Japanese escort attractive to clients.

In our Asian suite, you can take a trip to the Land of the Rising Sun without incurring the miles or the jet lag, and still experience the Geisha elite babe who will wait on you with an engaging smile and polite manners.

They are deemed beautiful, delicate and also are an amazing company. What more can you possibly ask for? With the kind of exotic beauty and personality that is uniquely Japanese, however, you can be sure that you’ll get more than what you dare to ask for. You’re bound to want more too.

Japanese escorts have many qualities that make them breath-taking. The oriental looks of Japanese escorts are very different from the escorts originating from Europe and other parts of the globe.

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The exoticness of Japanese Escorts

Clients of Cleos on Nile, who are not from Japan, will likely find Japanese women’s looks exotic and different and this can make their sexual experience very exciting and different.

These elite babes have skin like porcelain. Japanese women have very smooth skin that is often either very pale or slightly tanned. Either skin colour is very attractive and contrasts sharply against their usually jet black long hair perfectly. This is further heightened by the fact that Japanese women’s skin matures at a later age, meaning that they maintain their good looks, so you get that beautiful body on a more mature escort.

Japanese women are generally known to sport jet black hair which is highly attractive and as mentioned, can contrast against their china-white skin. The Japanese escorts hair is normally as black as night and silky to the feel. At the same time their hair is normally very straight, and this is something that most men appreciate and admire. They love the look of the lengthy thick raven coloured hair contrasting against the bedsheets and also draped over their body when spending playtime together.

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The allure of Japanese Escorts

Japanese escorts’ bodies will be delicate and warm to the touch. Japanese escorts are almost universally petite – that is very small and very slim which comes from their diet as well as their genetics. Of course, it’s no surprise that many clients like and seek slim girls, but many gents also enjoy shorter escorts as it can make them feel taller and manlier as a result.

Many men believe that Japanese women are less impressed by looks and strength and more impressed by achievements and intelligence. This means that many ‘nerdy’ guys believe they have a better chance with Japanese women. Likewise, there is a belief that Japanese women are impressed by Western men. It’s only natural to like people who we think will like us, so it stands to reason these tastes would make them more attractive to a lot of Western men.

Elite Babes at Cleos On Nile

Japanese escorts with their rich culture and ingrained attitude makes them desirable on a different level. These elite babes are devoted to entertaining men and pleasuring them in the boudoir. Japanese escorts are very enthusiastic and bubbly, and this kind of cheerfulness is contagious.

Japanese women are known to please, entertain and give their all. They offer high-quality services delivered in a discreet and professional manner. Choose from erotic relaxation to an erotic play best whispered in your ears and enjoyed in an environment that you’ve always dreamed of. They speak your language and any other language you’d want to use in the kind of conversation you have in mind. The mouth isn’t just meant for talking, after all. And the body can express more things than words ever can.

There’s also a rumour amongst men that Japanese escorts are particularly ‘giving’ in the bedroom and this makes them attractive. They can be docile and submissive, or they can be anything else you desire. Experience the kind of company and sensual play only a Japanese woman can deliver.

Our Japanese escorts will cater to your needs. Just be clear on exactly what you want and need, and they’ll gladly oblige and help you live out your fantasies. She will treat you in a way that you’ll keep saying “sugoi’’ all throughout.