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Each month Cleos on Nile gives away complimentary room hire to one lucky person! You need to be in it to win it, as the saying goes, so just submit your email address here and each month our computer system randomly draws a winner. The winner will be notified by email and the prize can be redeemed at any time within 3 months from notification. Good luck! Oh, and feel free to re-enter every month.

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It is often said that one does not choose its preferences in partners, they just are. At Cleos on Nile, we believe exactly that. This is why we’ve rounded up the most exquisite group of ladies - to satisfy everyone’s physical or personality preferences.




Our high class ladies

Here at Cleos, we believe that diversity is the key to success and that men have different desires and preferences.

Some are turned on by the playfulness and beauty of Asian women - aren’t they the ultimate fantasy? Women from the East have long been appealing to men, in particular Japanese beauties. This attraction can partly be explained by their impeccable appearance: Asian women tend to have long, beautiful, silky hair, clear skin and usually dress in a tasteful way. They never seem to go over-board and bear a simple, elegant look. Combined with their fun-loving spirit, they are often considered very desirable partners.

But others will want to have a taste of an exotic Indian lady. Their dark eyes and glowing skin have the power to make any man melt. Indian women tend to have beautiful curves and a fiery spirit, not to mention they come from the culture that wrote the Kama Sutra book of love!

Or will you go with the ultimate sex bomb? Yes, we’re talking about Russian women. The combination of Western and Eastern physical traits makes them the top choice for a majority of men. Their high cheekbones, slim figures and delicate faces are the perfect mix of sexy and beautiful.

Yet, some men are more traditional and simply seek a very curvy and beautiful women, also known as BBW (big beautiful woman). There is something about shapely and busty women that some men can simply not resist. Curves are the very core of femininity and appeals to the primal nature of powerful men.

Finally, if you are looking for a more unique women, you can explore the transgender option. An experience with a transgender is a jump into an unknown and exciting adventure, where the sky's the limit. Explore unconventional wonders that will leave you wanting more.


All types of beauties at Cleos on Nile

At Cleos, we understand that men have different preferences. That’s why we have so many hot ladies waiting for you at Brisbane’s premier establishment.
These gorgeous ladies are fun and know how to keep you entertained. Whether you prefer hot blonde babes, raunchy brunettes, naughty redheads or want to spend the night with an exotic Indian beauty, we have you covered!

Our Ladies

Brisbane Escorts - kiwi babe Acacia


Age 23
Bust C
Height 152cm
Dress 6
Brisbane Escorts - very popular sexy brunette Alana


Age 32
Bust D
Height 150cm
Dress 12
Brisbane Escorts - tall and thin (submissive on request) Anastasia


Age 18
Bust C
Height 178cm
Dress 6
Brisbane Escorts - blonde babe Arabella


Age 25
Bust C
Height 165cm
Dress 10
Brisbane Escorts - blonde beach babe Ashley


Age 23
Bust B
Height 170cm
Dress 10
Brisbane Escorts - cute, sweet & petite Ashton-Rose


Age 22
Bust C
Height 165cm
Dress 8
Brisbane Escorts - sexy tattooed minx Aspen


Age 20
Bust DD
Height 160cm
Dress 8
Brisbane Escorts - ultimate lady next door Billie


Age 23
Bust C
Height 165cm
Dress 6

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