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Each month Cleos on Nile gives away complimentary room hire to one lucky person! You need to be in it to win it, as the saying goes, so just submit your email address here and each month our computer system randomly draws a winner. The winner will be notified by email and the prize can be redeemed at any time within 3 months from notification. Good luck! Oh, and feel free to re-enter every month.

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Red Hair Escorts

Red Hair Escorts

Being a redhead escort is fabulously unique, rare and awesome. Pagans used to believe that they had an “aura of magnetism and mystic power “due to usual colour. Nowadays, whilst the rest of the world is trying to find ways to stand out from the crowd, redhead escorts do that just by having red hair. By Mother Nature, natural red hair, as well as being an eye catcher, is usually thicker and coarser than the other hues. Redhead escorts are seen to also be tough and intelligent, which is also an essential part of their allure. Now, let’s look at some famous females with natural red hair. Ones that spring to mind instantly are Nicole Kidman and Queen Elizabeth I. They are both portrayed as knowing what they wanted and went for it, sticking to the headstrong stereotype of redheads being winners. Interestingly, redheads are just under 2% of the population, which is approximately 140 million people. Often seen as an anomaly, these fiery-headed beauties have left just as much of a footprint in human history as the remainder of the population.

Red Hair Escort

One fact about natural red hair is that it is usually thicker and coarser than the other hues so when you spend time with our Redhead escorts, let her show off her beautiful hair. Also, according to a leading sex researcher in Germany, is that redhead escorts are clearly more sexually active. Redhead escorts enjoy having more sex and having it with more partners than other women. One thought is that redhead escorts exude more pleasant pheromones and so they attract more mates because they are simply more sexually desirable. The pheromone effect and their delicious scent has been scientifically proven! The skin of redhead escorts is naturally sweet and has a musk-like scent and is thought to change with their emotions. It has been said that “redheads famously have a distinctive civet scent that drives admirers wild.” The scent of a civet (wild cat) is said to have aphrodisiacal qualities that are, and have been highly prized, for centuries. So, the moral of the story is that while blondes have more fun, natural redhead escorts have more sex! Now you have a better idea of why redhead escorts are special and that special body chemistry that sets them apart from other escorts.

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