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From as long ago as the 1963 movie, “From Russia with Love”, which depicted the story of James Bond assisting in the defection of the Soviet consulate clerk Tatiana Romanova, the world has become aware of the beauty of Russian women. Russian escorts are now generally recognized as some of the most desirable and stunning women in the world.

Beautiful in an almost ethereal way, Russian escorts are undoubtedly appealing to most men. And when they start talking, native tongue or English with an accent, the majority of the male population are bound to feel weak at their knees. Russian escorts have the most exquisite husky voices that will leave you intrigued. With enticing names like Anastasia and Alyona to portray that aura of Russian charm, these dream girls certainly have erotic names that bewitch men.

Russian escorts

tall and thin Anastasia


Age 18
Bust C
Height 178cm
Dress 6

Russian Escorts at Cleos On Nile

The collapse of the Soviet Union ushered in an era of makeup and Vogue. Consequently, attractive Russian women and Russian escorts in particular, became sophisticated, well dressed and beautifully presented! Russian escorts have all the features that men value: long fingers, elegance, delicate hands, thin ankles, welcoming smile, kindness and femininity. The beauty phenomenon of Russian women is that they wish to stay attractive for their male partner and having a partner is a badge of honour for Russian women.

The Russian escorts bring this same desire to be attractive for their clients to Cleos on Nile. For Russian girls and Russian escorts, the external beauty, including pretty makeup, hair, slim body, and fashionable outfit, come before anything else. When going to events, the Russian women feel the need to dress up and will evaluate how other females look. They constantly compete and compare themselves with other ladies and try to come out on top.

Powerful, passionate and determined Russian Escorts

Most Russian women live quite frugally, therefore dressing up and having hair and makeup done allows these girls to show off and feel better about their life and themselves. Looking like a beautiful model makes a Russian escort feel great about herself and this will follow through into the time she spends with you in the bedroom. Because she is pretty and has taken the time to present herself to the best of her ability, which is an important form of self-expression that is taken very seriously, Cleos clientele will definitely notice how amazing she looks.

A stunning Russian escort that can hold a witty conversation or play the quiet beauty in your arm, is what you aspire to with these Slavic temptresses. Along with this, the Russian escorts personality traits of being gritty and refreshingly straightforward, and not being afraid to really vocalize her thoughts certainly will bring a refreshing air to the bedroom scene. Russian escorts know how to work hard and play hard. So, if you want to have a good time, call a Russian escort. She is powerful, passionate, and determined.

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