Sex Robots: Friend or Foe?
  • date February 20, 2021
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Sex Robots: Friend or Foe?

Sex robots can now fulfil your sexy fantasies. It’s no secret that we have been making advances in our technology when it comes to artificial intelligence. Many of us have Google, Alexa, and Cortana in charge of our household. These products make our lives a little easier, do they not?

Okay, so playing some music, answering a couple of questions, and turning on the television don’t seem like awe-inspiring tasks. Well, researchers have taken a new leap. Gone are the days of the blowup doll with holes in it.

Sex Robots will be available for you

Now, robotic enthusiasts have created a new product, one of controversy. Coming soon, to a sex market near you: sex robots.

Fully customisable robots, tailored to your exact specification. These robots can simulate emotions and express concern so well, it’s almost lifelike.

If you’re someone who is looking to experience the idea of a lady, or you need a little at-home attention, these robots are a great way to do so. They’re not ready for mass distribution just yet, but they will be soon.

From waist size to the colour of fingernail polish, these robots are completely personalised. They allow customers to indulge in their dream fantasy in the most realistic way technologically available. But these fantasy-givers are not going to be in the price range for everyone. Anticipated costs are around $6000 (US), as a startup cost. More than likely, customisation will increase cost. However, there are companies who are actively trying to make sex robots more cost efficient for middle class as well.

Sex Robot

Thankfully, for those who don’t have the cash readily available, or just prefer the classic human fulfillment, our ladies should do the trick! These are real women, willing to fulfill your desires, while keeping the uniquely human aspects of a relationship. You don’t get that from a machine, no matter how lifelike it may be.

Still, it’s undeniable that the thought is intriguing. How would these robots affect our society? Would they be held in the privacy of homes, or would a date with a robot at a romantic restaurant be normalised? As these are still in production, answers to this and many other questions remain to be determined.

A companion to fulfill your needs

The main goal of these robots is not just to be used in a sexual setting, but more as a companion. Robotics researchers working on these robots have increased enthusiasm in hoping that people in the future will be able to genuinely fall in love with these robots and have relationships with them.

Still, others even hope that robots will become a regular part of society, with their own rights, such as marriage, careers, and other human rights. However, some believe they are a gateway to help those who struggle with relationships. Conditions such as social anxiety could be better managed if used with a humanlike robot with genuine conversation. This could help them prepare for contact with real-world people. Other social conditions such as Asperger’s and autism could be improved as well.

Therein lies the controversy. People are afraid that when given the option of a human with its flaws in its entirety or a robot made to the specification of size, eye colour, personality, and other human characteristics, they will default to the robots. An entire movement of this could potentially destroy relationships and human romantic connections.  Is that possible? Maybe. But only time will tell.

Sex Romantic Human Connection

Some argue that a robot is a good way to explore oneself sexually in a personal and private way. Something to help prepare for human interaction, instead of implementing experimentation in a real-person setting. A discreet way of finding one’s kinks, fetishes, and other fantasies without fear of judgment.

Could something like the distribution of robots hurt the adult industry? We think not. While there’s definitely something fascinating about the idea of personalised sex robots, we can’t help but think that some people still just want the real thing. There are some things about the warm, smooth skin of a real-life woman and a genuine connection that can’t be replaced.

While still a very controversial topic in the sexual world, one cannot deny the appeal of having their every fantasy fulfilled. But how far is too far? What would you do if you were presented with your very own sex doll? Would you retreat into your home, forsaking the dating world? Or would your need for human connection drive you crazy? Each person’s needs are different, both emotionally and sexually. What if each of those needs were fulfilled in the form of a robot? What would you do? All we can do is wonder, at least, until they are released into the market.