The importance of Manscaping
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The importance of Manscaping

Manscaping is More Than Taming

Manscaping is more than taming an unruly beard or clipping your chest hair.

For far too long, women have been the centre of attention when it comes to pubic hair maintenance and appearance.

There’s an entire spectrum of pubic hairstyle options available for women, and we’re obsessed with discussing them. But maybe it’s time to turn our attention to a new subject.

Fire up your electric shavers, because, men, it’s your turn in the PUBE HOT SEAT.

There are so many options out there but finding the right one for you is a vital step in establishing a good manscaping routine.

There are numerous surveys done on women’s preferences when it comes to men’s nether regions and the consensus appears to be unanimous.

Women don’t care all that much about penis length. That trait ranks sixth out of eight priorities for what we care about down there —really, we don’t care!!!

Girth comes in a cool third and ranking first as the most important penis trait to women surveyed, was “general cosmetic appearance.” So what, then, comes in at number two—ranking in importance somewhere between cosmetic appearance and girth? What else, but pubic hair!

That’s right, women surveyed care more about the state of male pubes than girth and length. This should come as good news—while there’s not much one can do about girth or length, the state of the hair that grows in your nether regions is totally within your control.

Hopefully, you’re convinced. Women have spoken and now you know what we want. We’re going to help you out by giving you a crash course in manscaping.

We aren’t reinventing the wheel today but for the newcomers, this is probably the most important thing you’ll read this week.

Man shaving products


It’s ok to ease into the process. When you are ready to put plow to flesh, there are two things to remember.

First, you don’t need to go completely bald.

Second, there should be some semblance of a plan here.

The principles you apply to your beard work great for the groin, and a neckbeard isn’t really appealing.

If you venture lower and put a razor to the scrotum, be careful to fully stretch the skin to avoid cutting yourself.

On second thought, don’t shave your scrotum, it’s better to be safe and hairy than sorry.

Depilatory Cream

Hair removal cream can be a safer alternative to taking a razor to the family jewels. Whatever you do, follow the instructions on the packaging and don’t fall asleep with the cream applied.

I know someone who did this, he gave himself severe chemical burns.

Be aware that this cream does use chemicals to gently melt the hair away and should only be applied for the recommended time, so use the stopwatch on your phone to time keep.

This cream will burn the hair off any area it touches so be sure to wash your hands thoroughly after applying or use the applicator if one is supplied.

DO NOT touch your face with cream on your hands.

It can also dissolve your fingernails if you leave it under your nails so once again, thorough hand washing is required.

This cream can leave a burnt hair smell around the applied areas directly after the application so be sure to wash it off thoroughly and complete the process at least a few hours prior to presenting the area to another person.


This is not recommended as the teeth of the clipper can pinch that tender skin and cause pain and lesions, so we say keep the clippers for the area above the belt and don’t be tempted to travel south.

Clipping pubic hair cuts it the furthest from the skin of all techniques and this can make you itchy.

Aside from the discomfort, this is not a good look as involuntary scratching in public can lead people to believe there is something more sinister going on down there.


What are the benefits of waxing?

A third of your hair will lie dormant for a few months; other hairs will be in the telogen phase (fall out stage).

Waxing weakens the papillae, which is what nourishes hairs to grow thick and healthy. This means after a few waxes, your hair will grow back sparse and thinner.

They won’t be stubbly like when you shave, because when you shave you are cutting the hair in the middle, where it is thick.

Instead, new hairs will grow and the tip of those new hairs are thinner and softer (like the hair on your arms). Meaning, if you get waxed monthly it won’t hurt as much because there are fewer hairs. Guaranteed smoothness!

The downside to waxing is you must wait till the hair is long enough (around 5mm) to repeat the process so there will be a hairy phase before you can wax again.

Waxing will give you the longest phase before regrowth. The regrowth will be more supple than before so if you have patience and I high pain threshold, this may be the solution for you.

Be warned, waxing can induce ingrown hairs which can be painful and unsightly so be sure to exfoliate the area daily in the shower to remove old skin and promote healthy regrowth.

Regardless of which method works for you don’t forget the backside. That’s right, why go to all that trouble only to leave a forest cultivating on your butt!!

Grab yourself a mirror, pop it on the floor and squat. This will give you a perfect view of what’s going on around the back.

Do not shave blind, if you can’t see it don’t touch it with sharp objects.

You may even find a groomed undercarriage will increase your own confidence when dropping one’s jeans.

Even if it means hacking away at an area that’s never seen the shimmering gleam of a razor blade, remember if you make a mistake, it will grow back – the hair that is, not your penis, so be careful and take it slow.

Remember gentlemen, a maintained pubic region is just as important to the ladies as maintaining other hairy zones, so pay attention to this area like you would the hair on your head.

Having said that, the lovely ladies at Cleos on Nile will take you as you are so don’t stress if you haven’t had time to do some downstairs barbering before you visit us.

The ladies may even be able to assist with this type of grooming so don’t be afraid to ask.