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Transgender Escorts

Transsexual escorts are fast becoming the new fetish for clients

This style of escort is for the open-minded and adventurous gent or couple, the gent who is bi-sexual or bi-sexual curious or the clientele who just wish to try out a new exciting fantasy. When you spend time with a transgender individual, you open your mind to a world of untouched erotic opportunities.

The taboo fantasy is now yours for the taking, and you can explore fantasies within yourself (or a partner) you never knew existed. While transgender people are one of the hot topics today, many people are hesitant about living out this particular fantasy or curiosity. But with our transgender escorts, you will have to wonder no further.

Discretion is always key at our brothel and you can just be yourself in midst of your fantasies. Known as shemale escorts or tranny escorts, or even ladyboy escorts, these ladies are the height of erotica. When in an appointment with a trans-person, you get to experience the great wonders of both genders in one glorious, sensual package.

Our Transgender Escorts

What to expect with a Transsexual Escort

Transsexual means born one gender, but the desire to be the opposite. They desire to be the other gender because they have the characteristics truer to that desired gender. Transgender people often undergo hormone treatment, breast implants, Adam’s apple-shaving and other body enhancing treatments to present themselves as more feminine. Some may have completely undergone surgery downstairs, while many choose to hold on to their package.

Be sure when reviewing transgender escorts to verify whether your escort is pre-op or post-op, if you are desiring your escort to retain certain parts. Transsexual escorts are the unicorns of the industry! Hard to find but when you see and spend time with one, it is magical. They are a hot commodity and they know it.

At Cleos On Nile, we induct female transsexuals for punters looking for that extra edge. We do not discriminate against any sexual preference and in doing so, we give our clientele a variety of choice.

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Liberate your inner desires

Being with a transsexual escort, may be a completely liberating feeling for you. Transgender escorts are a unique breed and allow the client to be completely comfortable trying out all ends of the sexuality spectrum. The pressure of claiming a certain sexuality is removed, and transgender escorts understand the complications and hesitations one might be feeling.

They are happy to help you explore all areas of your sexuality in a comforting, yet erotic way. Discretion is at full-force, and you are free from all judgments. Your escort will help you lift the veil on things you may once have thought impossible and show you a new world within the erotic industry.

Transgender Escorts: A judgment-free experience

Transgender escorts are highly sought after, due to their open minds and judgment-free nature. As a transgender individual, it is likely they have faced their own judgments from others and will make it their personal mission to make sure you feel comfortable in all areas of your encounter. Many men are looking to explore their sexuality without the pressures of feeling as if they have to commit to an orientation.

Transgender escorts understand this all too well, and welcome your interests, desires, fantasies, and they don’t need to put a label on it. For this reason, transgender escorts are in high demand, in addition to their adaptability and versatility.

Many men are highly sexually stimulated and intrigued with the look of a transgender girl they find attractive. Over the years, there has been a staggering increase in heterosexual men expressing an interest in being with a transgender female.

Transgender people are now highly sought after, and transgender escorts are no different. The demand for these intriguing and beautiful women are high, and as an acclaimed brothel, we understand every need there is to be fulfilled.

There is something provocative and maybe what some would consider “a little naughty” about knowing the girl with the beautiful makeup, wig, fabulous lingerie and high heels is sporting an extra package downstairs. With beautiful breasts and luscious lips, an erotic transgender girl can be certainly one of the most attractive ladies available. You may not even realise this stunning escort was actually born as a male with no breasts or feminine facial features.

She will be enticing in all ways: mind, body, and soul. She may introduce herself as “I am a girl with something extra to offer” or “I am your shemale fantasy”. So, if you just want to dip your toes into that erotica pool without getting too wet, then this is your perfect opportunity.