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Transsexual escorts: A wild experience guaranteed

Sex and sexual fantasies are still considered taboo, even in today’s modern society. With such advancements in technology, you would expect that the views on sexual orientation would have evolved too. Thankfully, some are open to experiences and have begun exploring new horizons. That is one the reasons why a transsexual can today have a career in the industry. More clients are open to the idea of spending the night with transsexual escorts as part of their sexual fantasy or exploration journey.

Transsexual escorts

The growing trend of transsexual escorts

For those who are uninformed, you might think that transsexuals have been forced to hide themselves in the closet due to societal pressure. But if you were able to get inside the brothel industry, you might be surprised to see how many transsexual escorts there are, even in Brisbane.

With the rise of the brothel industry, transsexuals have begun pursuing careers in this marketplace. This has opened up a whole range of services provided by trans men or women to meet the unique tastes and preferences of clients. A large majority of male clients would come into a brothel looking for beautiful and sexy females. This is the common conception that people have. However, there are also eclectic clients who are more sexually daring and ask for a transsexual beauty. Today, you can find gay, bisexual and straight male companions as well!

There are three other distinct groups below that which brothel clients can choose from: transsexuals, transvestites, and shemales. Transsexuals typically undergo hormone therapy or have sexual reassignment therapy. Meanwhile, transvestites, also known as crossdessers, simply love to dress up as the opposite sex (or as females). On the other hand, shemales are those that have decided to keep their male private parts but have had breast augmentation surgery.

As you can see, there is a whole range of options available for clients to find a lady that can fulfill their fantasies.

What to expect from a transgender

As with any other partner, a transgender can provide a wide range of services to clients. It will depend on the client’s special needs and requests – they can comply with them too.

In fact, a lot of male clients prefer transgenders over females because the former are more open to the male clients’ requests. This is not to say that our ladies at Cleos on Nile will not be accommodating your needs! Take a look at the numerous we have at Cleos.

And because they are knowledgeable on what tickles your fancy, you are guaranteed an unforgettable night with the transsexual babes at Cleos on Nile.

Our Ladies

Brisbane Escorts European Tahlia


Age 23
Bust DD
Height 160cm
Dress 10


Age 32
Bust D
Height 150cm
Dress 12
Brisbane Escorts Australian Alaska


Age 25
Bust B
Height 176cm
Dress 8
Brisbane Escorts Russian Anastasia


Age 18
Bust C
Height 178cm
Dress 6
Brisbane Escorts European Aria


Age 21
Bust B
Height 175cm
Dress 10
Brisbane Escorts Blonde Babe Ashley


Age 23
Bust B
Height 170cm
Dress 10
Brisbane Escorts Sexy Blonde Britney


Age 20
Bust DD
Height 160cm
Dress 8
Brisbane Escorts Stunning Natural Beauty Ava


Age 25
Bust B
Height 180cm
Dress 10