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12 Nile St, Woolloongabba

Opening Hours:

Monday: 8AM to Midnight

Tuesday: 8AM to Midnight

Wednesday: 8AM to Midnight

Thursday: 8AM to 8AM

Friday: 8AM to 8AM

Saturday: 4PM to 8AM

Sunday: 4PM to 8AM

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Welcome to Cleo's On Nile:
Let your fantasies run wild

Cleo's on Nile is the best brothel in Brisbane. We cater to your every need, and inspire you to let your imagination to run wild.

Cleo's ladies are simply beautiful, and we cater to all tastes. Whether you want a blonde, a brunette, a red head – or even a transsexual woman – you can find the lady you want to spend time with.

At our Brisbane brothel, you can even spend time with two beautiful women for an absolutely exquisite experience.

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Just take a look at some of our captivating inhouse escorts:

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Private Waiting Rooms

At Cleo's on Nile, discretion is our middle name.

That's why we feature a private waiting area where you can see Cleo's women without anyone else knowing you are here. After all, a lady never tells her secrets!

You can lounge with a variety of women and decide exactly who you prefer to spend time with in a room in our beautiful Brisbane brothel.

A friendly hospitable

We do everything we can to make Cleo's on Nile as friendly as possible. From the décor of the rooms the ladies use to our fully accessible property, no expense is spared.

Whether you are simply looking to pass the time with a beautiful woman or you really want to get to know her, we spare no expense in making your time with us as comfortable as possible.

If you are a single man, you are welcome. If you are a couple, we will accommodate you. We also welcome women as our clientele. The red carpet is rolled out for you!

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All types of ladies are featured in our Brisbane Brothel

Escort in our Brothel in Brisbane

Whether you are looking for a Caucasian woman or someone a little bit more exotic, the ladies at Cleo's On Nile are the ones you'll love to love.

They are very friendly and will want to meet you. They will treat you with the respect you deserve. And we ask that you treat them just as well – it will be more than worth it by the time your night is over.

We also feature ladies of all different sizes, so you can pick exactly whom you want to spend time with. Every man has a type of lady of his dreams – and we are here to help you meet her.

That's what being the best brothel in Brisbane is all about.

Cleo's On Nile
The Gentleman's Choice

When you are looking for a brothel in Brisbane, you have a lot of options. But why would you choose to go to anywhere but Cleo's on Nile?

We offer you a glamorous night out that you will never experience anywhere else. Your comfort is our number one avocation. Everything we do is to ensure that your evening is a memorable adventure of the senses.

Cleo's on Nile celebrates the love of women, and their experience is just as important to us as yours is. It all comes together to create a fabulous night out with you and your dream lady.

Come to us to relax, talk about your fantasies, and have the best evening of your life.

If you have any special desires, simply email us before you arrive and we'll do what we can to make them come alive.

Visit Cleo's on Nile tonight – and let your fantasies become your reality.

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