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Are you lacking some female attention in your life? That feeling of closeness, togetherness or friendship that you may feel is missing and is what you are craving. That yearning for shared quality time that all people need and desire and what makes them feel more complete as a human being. Are you looking and seeking the services of an understanding lady to help you escape your everyday life?  Or the desire to discover a secret companion you can visit whenever you need to relax and let off some steam or debrief after a hard week with someone neutral and nonjudgmental. Whatever the reason, please feel free to visit our in-house escorts and see if that special feeling and connection occurs with one of our ladies … Remember, Cleos on Nile has around 50-60 ladies on their roster a week for you to connect with.



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    The importance of Manscaping

    Manscaping is more than taming an unruly beard or clipping your chest hair. For far too long, women have...

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    The truth about sexual pain and how to deal with it

    Too many people are quick to dismiss pain during sex as either a sexual dysfunction or worse still as...

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