gorgeous black haired pregnant woman wearing maroon lace lingerie


There’s something very seductive and sexy about the way a pregnant woman stands and carries herself. Pregnancy brings about many changes to the female body. Some men find the accentuated curves to be appetizing. Bigger is better, that is most certainly the case when it comes to pregnancy curves. Pregnant women are most certainly curvier and the S-shape of the back is more accentuated and arched, thus more appetizing. Some men find the fuller roundness of the belly itself very exciting – like some magnificent goddess statue from an ancient fertility cult.

The breasts and hips acquire more fullness and since a lot of men are evolutionary primed to be turned on by bigger breasts, they may have a hard time not being intimate with the pregnant lady of their choice.

They say pregnancy makes a woman glow. But for some of the opposite sex, the female form takes on an altogether different perspective. For many guys the appearance of a pregnant lady is more appealing than a pretty woman without a bump. Therefore, it is the body that many find aesthetically pleasing. This change that gives them a greater degree of sexual aura means some males become more attracted and is an additional appeal. Another advantage is that during pregnancy, the female’s hormones are enticing her to be more sexually active. During pregnancy a woman’s hormones are a man’s best friend because they can increase a woman’s drive. Ladies are full of vigour and want to share that with the man.

There doesn’t need to be any nervousness as far as the bedroom is concerned, as being pregnant opens up a whole new sexual milieu. It means a male can try a wide variety of new things that he may not have thought about previously. Maybe it’s that primal instinct which is deep within a guy since caveman times but it seems that many males can’t escape these sentiments. If this experience appeals to you, please enquire at Cleos on Nile if any of our ladies are pregnant and available and willing to see you.



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