streaker - half naked man posing together with half naked woman wearing jeans


Fulfill Your Streaker Fantasy at Cleos

Since Plato first ran nude through the Acropolis and later, in the rebellious 1970s heyday where streaking was linked to the sexual revolution and a backlash against feminism, the rush of adrenaline combined with the attention of viewers is a potent mix and can give you a high that lasts for hours. Being a streaker at Cleos on Nile, beginning from the pay booth area, can give you that exact rush.  Our thrill-seeking ladies would enjoy such an event also. This discreet, safe and private environment is a perfect place in which to break the clothing taboo, so you become that naughty person you want to become and do something that society considers a no-no. 


Brand New Lilly
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Brand New Lilly

  • AGE 23
  • BUST C
  • HEIGHT 167cm cm
  • DRESS 10
  • At Cleos on Nile, we can offer you space to act out your fantasy, either alone or in the company of one of our chosen ladies, to your heart’s content. Please chat with our Duty Manager to arrange such an event and enjoy the ultimate feeling that the freedom of being a streaker in a public place provides.