woman kneeling and touching the standing half naked man


Choose a femme fatale who will set out to allure you with her feminine charms. She is a sexually captivating and dangerously seductive enchantress who will repeatedly tempt, entice and fascinate you so you will desire her and succumb to her power in the boudoir. Throw yourself at her feet when she shows off her sensuous body in a short clingy dress with an enticing cleavage. A temptress understands her body and yours, she knows how to use it to her advantage to lure you in.  With her vibrant smile and mysteriously sensuous attitude, she will leave you wanting more!

Interestingly, Cleos on Nile is named after one of the most famous temptresses of all time – Cleopatra of Egypt.   Her allure over Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony is well known and make famous in more than one movie.  So don’t be hesitant, call in anytime and stay with the temptress of your choice who will make you feel like a Pharaoh of Egypt. 



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