Discretion for Clients and Our Ladies at Cleos on Nile
  • date January 14, 2021
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Discretion for Clients and Our Ladies at Cleos on Nile

Client Privacy

Discretion was one of the top priorities when Cleos on Nile was designed. The owner is very aware that the client privacy needs to be held in high regard and thus tried to design the building to accommodate this.  The building can be entered via the front door or through the car park, proceeding to the glass reception area. 

Here, the friendly Duty Manager will show you to a private booth for your introduction to our beautiful ladies. After selecting the lady of your choice, you proceed to the pay-booth and the lady then joins you to accompany you to the room where the fun begins. Once in the room and after discussion with our lady, it is a relaxation zone where guests can live out their wildest fantasies with a high level of discretion and confidentiality. They can experiment with ideas that they may not be comfortable expressing in their private lives with their partners.

This can be achieved without fear of judgement and secrets are safe within the walls of Cleos on Nile. For an awesome time and a fulfilling encounter to occur, there needs to be a level of trust that is established by both lady and client. It goes without saying that privacy and respect is two-way street. If a lady shares information and confides in a client, it is something that must be kept confidential. Both lady and client should respect each other's right to privacy and anonymity. What happens between two consenting adults should remain between them.