Why Mistress and Slave is the New Black!
  • date February 1, 2021
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Why Mistress and Slave is the New Black!

Well, the time has come: mistress and slave can be talked about over your morning cereal. Gone are the days when such discussion would be Shhh'd or shut down, and people would look down their noses and dub the conversation inappropriate.

When did this big change all come about? Was it when millions of women sat with their noses in the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy for weeks? Or when they flocked to cinemas, dragging their other halves with them, to see a wholesome and innocent lady get flogged by a sexy, overpowering businessman, all for the chance of love?

Is it because women are no longer confined to kitchens and are finally seen in the media as more powerful creatures? Is it because the mistress and slave scene is a voyeur’s paradise, one that respects your right to not get involved but allows you to participate as much or as little as you want? After all, who doesn’t like the feel of a bit of leather at times?

All of these are good questions and each has played some small part in the growing normalcy of slave and mistress in our everyday lives. Whether it's a little slap and tickle in the bedroom or a trip to the Hell-fire club on a Saturday night, this fetish has left darkness and secrecy behind and become very mainstream.

Mistress And Slave Experience

When talking to some service providers from the upmarket, legal brothel Cleos On Nile, they confirmed that fetishes, submission and domination feature frequently in their world. Cleo even has a fully equipped dungeon on the premises should clients wish to explore it. The ladies use this room regularly, and some have even said it’s their favourite, as it evokes conversation and peaks interest.

Managers also confirmed that when couples come in for a visit and are given a choice of rooms, 80% choose the dungeon! All employed ladies said they really enjoy providing this kind of service, as it offers an out of the ordinary, mentally and physically stimulating experience for all parties involved! Most ladies said they continually educate themselves to become better and more experienced when it comes to experiences surrounding submission, domination and mistress and slave.

If you haven't experienced or dipped your toe into the mistress and slave pool, now might be your time! Try it with your partner next time you’re in the bedroom. Get on social media and discover Fetlife, which lets you see what it's all about without leaving your living room!

Take yourself and some open-minded friends to a mistress and slave club, grab a drink and watch the show, or shout yourself an experience that is unforgettable in a safe place like Cleo’s on Nile. Wherever you do it...just explore your fantasies and let go of the control that you keep yourself under...all the hype can't be wrong! There's something for everyone, even if you are a little vanilla.