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Australian Ladies

Our Land Down Under Australian Ladies

Australia is our island home which all of our Australian ladies love and adore. Our passion for our country and our culture is expressed in the song, “I still call Australia home”. The wording in the song by Peter Allen where he sings: “But no matter how far or how wide I roam; I still call Australia home” expresses how we feel about our identity.

Australia, with its many natural wonders like the Great Barrier Reef and Uluru, is also home to so many truly amazing Australian ladies. When you think of Australian ladies or simply, Aussie ladies, the blonde beach babe instantly springs to mind. As well as these sun-kissed beauties, who are not only insanely hot, intelligent, respectable and fun to be with, it is also home to so many other terrific Australian ladies.

Our Australian Ladies

Our Australian Ladies

These desirable, open minded and sensual Australian ladies are charming, kinky and seductive in the bedroom. They love to have fun and are polite and helpful to their male companions in the bedroom. They love chatting to you about any subject you wish to talk about, are easy to communicate with and like to keep you entertained in a hundred different ways. They can also speak dirty when it is required and when requested to suit the mood and enhance the experience you have with them. They are not afraid to lose some of their refinement or not to be considered totally “feminine” when doing a role play scene that requires that little extra naughty verbal communication to get their message across.

Another feature that is great about them is that they have total equal rights with men in their society. This makes for a more harmonious scene and a feeling of equality when playing together. They can either feel equal to the male in the dimly lit bedroom scene or they play the more dominant female or the submissive when the event arises. They still feel a totally independent woman when finishing their adult entertainment life at Cleos on Nile and continue their lives outside the brothel establishment.

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Let’s look at Australian history for a little while

Our history is relatively new compared to other locations in the world. Captain Cook claimed the east coast for the British Crown in 1788 with his landing at Botany Bay’s Inscription Point. During colonization of Australia, most women who sailed here were from the United Kingdom until later when a wider range of ladies from different countries relocated to our splendid land.

In 1901 the White Australia policy commenced. This was an Immigration Restriction Act that led to the restriction of non- European migration and favoured applicants from certain countries to be allowed to live in our land down under. This same policy ceased in 1958. Until 1949, most ladies living in Australia were of British (Welsh, Cornish, British, Scottish, Manx) and Irish descent, collectively known as “Anglo-Celtic” ethnicity. This trend experienced more diverse shifts during the gold rush era during the 1850s, World War 1 and World War 2 when a wider range of people from around the world moved here.

In 1957, more people from Asia and the Middle East started arriving in Australia. Post-World War 2, individuals from Africa,

Latin America and the Pacific Islands also chose to call Australia home. Many different communities from countries such as China, Greece, Italy and Vietnam have supportive and strong communities residing in Australia. Today, our ladies are so diverse and different that it is wide choice for any client at Cleos on Nile.

What is totally unique about Australian Ladies?

Our Aussie ladies today enjoy the outdoors, staying fit and playing sport. Many Aussie women’s bodies are quite beautifully toned and athletic. This also follows through to the Australian ladies who wish to spend time entertaining clients at Cleos on Nile. With Australia’s outdoors culture, which is sportier and more active than say the United Kingdom and most of Europe, the bodies of our fit Aussie ladies are attractive and firm. They are displayed for all to see in their lingerie and skimpy sexy clothing, stockings, and high heels.

Australian ladies have the choice to indulge in so many forms of physical exercise, both in the bedrooms at Cleos on Nile or playing outside to their hearts content. With all the different kinds of sports available, not just walking, running and swimming, many of the lovely ladies here at Cleos have a high standard for fitness and therefore confidence in their body.

Our lifestyles are splendid and Australia, which is now so culturally diverse, allows our Aussie ladies to possess a natural beauty that they can call their own. Whether you are a traveller or a local resident, our Aussie charmers are sure to impress, relax and spoil you at Cleos.

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