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Blonde Ladies

The desire for Blonde Ladies

If history has taught us anything, blonde hair has always been a staple desire. 90s teen movies with all of their blonde cheerleaders, to the Playboy Mansion, and then to Marilyn Monroe, Hollywood has definitely brought us the blondes. And it is no wonder why.

We have always heard that “blondes have more fun”. While any other hair colour can still have fun, blondes have a certain aura around them. Many blondes are very bubbly, light-hearted, and happy. This is the kind of presence they put into it. However, due to some negative stereotyping, blondes are also thought to be more naïve, and innocent. While this may not be true, this is something that men desire from blonde women. Rest assured, while many of our ladies can be sweet and innocent, they are anything but unintelligent.

Our Blonde Ladies

Blonde Ladies: Stunning and Sexiest Babes

The Brisbane prostitute, that is the sexiest babe, maybe a hot good looking blonde. When you meet our array of stunning blondes, you will be enticed to take them to the bedroom. Natural blonde is seen as the most covetable hair colour among women.

Caucasian natural blondes have slightly higher estrogen levels than brunettes, so are more likely to exhibit more feminine facial features, like a small button nose, pointed chin, silky skin and considerably less body hair. Blondes, who make the sexiest babes, really do have more fun (or are at least seen to have anyway). Studies prove even bottle blondes immediately feel more glamorous and sexier once they ditched their natural hair colour, therefore making them feel like the sexiest babe ever. The blonde legend goes that those with glistening golden locks are more likely to pack a punch or two when it comes to having fun.

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Magical Blonde Ladies

Research shows that those with light hair are perceived as bubblier and more open. From full on flaxen to a bottle of bleach, the blonde hue is seen as the magical colour for the sexy and popular ladies that gentlemen desire and how gents see them as the sexiest babes.

Blonde hair comes in many different shades, each one more appealing than the next. Dirty blonde, that is, blonde hair with a bit of brown in it, can turn into strawberry blonde. Strawberry blondes have a bit of pink or orange undertones to their colour. And of course, we cannot forget the infamous platinum blonde, an almost-white hair colour.

If we could put the blame on anyone in desiring these blonde-haired babes, that trophy would have to go to Hollywood. We can even extend that to the Playboy corporations. Many of the late Hugh Hefner’s girlfriends were blonde bombshells. Not only that, but there are some infamous drop-dead-gorgeous blonde actresses that have come out of Hollywood. Beauties such as Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Jessica Simpson, and other stars have set the trend in our world today. Of course, none of these women has anything on the most beautiful blonde recorded in time, Marilyn Monroe.

Studies show over 36 per cent of men prefer blonde beauties in the bedroom. Even as far back as 1953, when Hollywood released the smash hit Gentleman Prefer Blondes, which starred the most famous blonde bombshell of all, Marilyn Monroe. Famed for such luscious locks, Monroe has often topped poles worldwide as the sexiest woman to have ever lived. Monroe became famous as a blonde, transforming her brown hair and her career within seconds. And why? One reason only, she stood out since people are likely to see her beautiful hair first. Grace Kelly and Brigitte Bardot, with their glorious blonde locks, are iconic bombshells to be admired. The visual effects outrank the idea that blondes have beauty, raging appeal and blonde hair may make you look younger. The sexiest babe who is a blonde is lucky as this colour of hair goes with everything. It compliments a tan and can match any shade or tone, be it clothing or shoes

Blonde Ladies at Cleos On Nile

When it comes to styles and personality of blonde-haired ladies, results may vary. You can have a bubbly sweet lady, or a spicy, assertive woman, ready to tell you exactly what she wants. As far as body types, you can have the Playboy bunny styles, a bombshell with the curves to match. Or if you’re looking for a young woman with few curves, we have those as well.

Whether you’re visiting Brisbane on business or looking for pleasure, our sexiest blonde ladies are here to make your visit that much more memorable. A variety of beautiful blonde women and the time of your life awaits. Located in the heart of Brisbane, our ladies are available 24/7.

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