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If prim and proper is what you’re looking for, look no further, you’re in the right place! Here at Cleos on Nile, we are lucky to have none other than World Class English Roses. Starting with their posh high-end accent to the beautiful fairness of their skin, there are absolutely nothing we don’t love about them. We may not be able to talk on behalf of the other English ladies, but we can guarantee that our ladies are lovely, polite, immaculately groomed, well-travelled and expert at giving the unforgettable service.

Having grown up with royalty all of their lives, one thing instilled in them from a young age is class. If you’re an Australian guy after a British woman, then it’s your lucky day, asthey happen to be very charmed by foreign accents. Whether it’s a mysterious French man, a sexy Italian or an alluring American, they can’t help but resist someone who surprises them with your foreign articulation. So, speak away and watch them swoon.

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Brisbane was originally settled by the British in 1825 at the present-day Brisbane CBD. Free settlement didn’t begin until 1842, when the usual assortment of entrepreneurs and ex-convicts quickly followed, and a town began to grow around the river. By the late 1880’s Brisbane was the main centre of commerce and the capital of Queensland. Brisbane prostitutes began their services at this time and thru the years have entertained men of all nationalities in various houses in the Brisbane area. Most of these Brisbane prostitutes were from the United Kingdom and European regions before 1965 when the ‘White Australia” policy was removed. The ladies from the United Kingdom then and now are a favourite to all Australian men as they are a reminder of their connection to England. The United Kingdom is a country that is made up of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Most British ladies have ancestries that are mixtures of the four nationalities of the British Isles. After World War II, in the United Kingdom, many different European and non-European overseas immigrants arrived, predominantly from the colonies. Now ladies from this region of the world are as varied as any other part of the globe. British women are thought not to be as fixated on their appearance and do not use a lot of makeup and prefer convenient styles of clothing. Brisbane prostitutes who are British women are by nature confident in themselves, ambitious and self-sufficient. They have constantly welcoming smiles and are friendly and helpful to the client at Cleos on Nile. British ladies may have the appearance consisting of a longer face, thinner lips, smaller mouth, and a longer nose than ladies from other countries. These English roses have a beautiful accent and fairness of skin, and these is absolutely nothing we don’t love about them. We may not be able to talk on behalf of all English ladies, but our Brisbane prostitutes are lovely, polite, well groomed, well-travelled and expert at giving the unforgettable service.

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