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Black Hair Ladies

What is it about raven-haired beauties that evoke so much mystery and allure?

The colour black has always been associated with darkness and mystery. From gothic culture to alternative styles, this colour has always been a staple. When it comes to women, this is true as well. Black hair is common, yes, but has never lost its sense of desire. In an lady, these black-haired beauties are sought after

These raven-haired women come in all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, and styles. Each one with their own personality. Black is such a striking colour and can accentuate skin tones, no matter. Black hair in combination with olive skin, pale skin, and exotic skin is very desirable. Often times, even the cut does not matter. She can have long, straight, black hair, or short bob tresses.

Our Black Hair Ladies

Playing with a black-haired beauty

The darkness of the colour black can bring all sorts of various styles into play. For those into the taboo of BDSM culture, your jaw may drop at the sight of a black-haired beauty clad in PVC lingerie. For others, a black-haired woman may look dark and intimidating, but when paired with soft pink lingerie, you may see an innocent beauty. With a black-haired lady, the possibilities
are endless.

As common as it is, black hair oozes sex appeal and demands attention! Dark hair is striking, seductive and sexy on any woman. It adds an unmistakable mysterious quality to a woman’s image that cannot be denied. Imagine a sexy lady with long black hair, matching black lace lingerie- there’s an intertwined connection that dark hair has with night time and the femme fatale that works the night that make them an undeniable erotic pairing.

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black haired lady in jeans and black corset

Black hair is the darkest and most common of all human hair colours globally

The colour combination of beautiful thick long black hair with a sexy lacy black bra, black suspenders, black stockings and high heels makes for an appealing and sensual picture when displayed on an attractive ladies body.

These women are in demand and are classed as some of the hottest ladies available at Cleos On Nile.

The hottest ladies are a part of this larger population group with this dominant trait. The black hair belonging to the hottest women is due to genetics and is found in ladies of all backgrounds and ethnicities. Although the lady with black hair is part of the majority of the 75% of the world born with black hair, this colour is far from ordinary. For starters, natural jet-black hair is by far the shiniest hair colour.

Black hair has large amounts of eumelanin and is less dense than other hair colours and is sometimes described as soft-black, raven black, or jet-black. It also tends to look exotic and complex, so it’s a striking contrast against most skin tones. From the hottest women with snowy white skin to ladies with caramel tones and rich mocha complexions, black hair has been a constant since the ancient times.

The hottest ladies at Cleos On Nile with black hair can have ancestry from all different parts of the globe

Black hair is not only distinctive to ladies from Asia, Americas and Africa but is found in locations all around the world, such as Eastern and Southern Europe, Iran, India and Arab nations. Having black hair makes a woman undeniably beautiful and as clients of Cleos On Nile can testify to, some of the hottest ladies that they can see in Brisbane.

Ladies with black hair can have dark or light eyes also. Many women often add a striking colour in contacts, such as a bright green, or blue. The colour black is the best colour that brings out the natural facial features of some ethnicities in the best way. And if natural black-beauty isn’t already appealing, there are many hair dyes made to accompany those with dark hair. In fact, some of the most sought-after hair colours are black. There are many women who colour their hair with these dyes. Many of them feature other colours as undertones. Some of these colours include blue-black, red-black, and purple-black. These hair colours are extremely beautiful, especially when sunlight or other lights hit it. This adds a unique effect to an otherwise common hair colour.

The hottest ladies love dressing up with upmarket and classy lingerie, makeup, and high heels to make awesome eye candy for the clients of Cleos On Nile. Next time you visit the most upmarket brothel in Brisbane, don’t forget to view all of our hottest women, especially the ladies with beautiful long raven hair and sample the delights these hottest beauties have to offer.

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